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Looking for an amazing event speaker? Then Dale Murphy is your man! He is the easiest person in the world to work with and provides so much more than what you pay for. He picks up on little things in idle conversation about your organization and uses them in his presentation. His sense of humor keeps the audience laughing and engaged. We recently had our largest Gala in the history of our organization and it was because of Dale. Everybody came because he was our keynote. Dale is generous with his time, signing autographs, posing for pictures, shaking hands, stopping for a video interview from a local college film team, you name it and Dale accommodates. You won’t go wrong with Dale Murphy on the team!

Angie Bolton
MUST Ministries Atlanta, Special Events

I’d always heard it said that Dale Murphy was a prince of a guy. When we hosted Dale at our recent conference, I saw it with my own eyes. Person after person came up to Murph with some version of ‘you were the best’ or ‘you were my hero’ or ‘I wore #3 (his jersey number) my whole little league career because of you.’ Each and every time, he lit up like it was the first time he ever heard it! He was so gracious, so appreciative and so interested in the person praising him. I will never forget witnessing Dale Murphy interact with his fans and our clients. He is a classy guy and he did an amazing job, customizing his keynote address to perfectly fit our crowd. Thank you Dale Murphy for inspiring our clients with your actions and your words!

Scott Shelar
President and CEO at CEFGA

I really don’t have the right words to express my sincere appreciation, gratitude and thanks for the job you did Monday night as Master of Ceremonies for the Oregonian Banquet of Champions. A local radio show host said on the air that ‘what I came away with was the air of good feeling that existed throughout the room that night. And that tone was set right from the start with Dale Murphy as the Master of Ceremonies.’ Dale, thank you so much. You were a joy to work with and a wonderful example for so many young people (and a few older folks could take a lesson or two from you as well.)

Jeff Wohler
The Oregonian

Dale Murphy AKA “MURPH” “the gentle giant” the 82′-83′ MVP, 5 consecutive Gold Glove Award winner and 7 time All-Star brought excitement and inspiration to all our employees, their families and friends. From the very beginning of our team building session it was evident that Dale is an outstanding human being who cares about his contribution. His experiences shared from both on and off the field touched the hearts and inspired all those who were present. From our perspective Dale hit a home run with every member of our team. His keynote address and participation in the events of the day was a memory that will be etched in our minds forever. Everyone should consider it a privilege should they get the opportunity to have Dale take part in any event. It was truly an honor to have MURPH join us for the day. We welcome Dale Murphy back anytime!!!

Steve Wilkie,
VP Global Sales/Business Development

WOW! On behalf of our leadership team at Wells Fargo’s Private Bank we thoroughly enjoyed our dialogue and especially your insights you shared with us last week.   Your comments regarding his personal experience and observations of both Bobby Cox’s and Joe Torre’s commitments to the players while playing for them highlighted some excellent leadership traits which were fascinating and the compassion was also great to hear.  I can’t thank you enough for taking your time to be with us!

Susan Mayo,
Wells Fargo Private Bank-Regional Director

Thank you for your participation in our annual sales meeting.  I personally appreciate your efforts and greatly enjoyed your presentation.  Your achievements, founded on principles of ethics, hard work, and dedication certainly motivated and inspired our sales staff.  I have heard many, many great comments from the group regarding your remarks.  Thanks again for all your efforts on our behalf.

J. Christopher Lansing,
President Ted Lansing Corporation

Thanks again for being part of our SPORT COURT convention.  Your message was on target and your personal baseball experiences were extremely entertaining.  Major League Baseball should have you on the payroll for enhancing the image of the sport each time you address a group such as ours.  It’s a privilege to know you!  You are a terrific role model not only for young children but adults as well!

Dan Wollman,
VP Sales and Marketing Sport Court

It was an absolute pleasure working with Dale Murphy.  He is such a class act and was definitely a fan favorite amongst our staff, volunteers, and museum supporters.  Dale took the extra time to pose for photos with fans and to chat with folks who had questions about his baseball career.  He was the perfect guest and his appearance is one that we still look back on often with very fond memories.  We would absolutely recommend him to any company, promoter, card show, or baseball museum and would recommend they book him for their events–their customers and supporters will be glad they did!  He is a Hall of Famer in our book for sure.

Michael Maguire,
Bob Feller Baseball Museum

Dale Murphy continues to be one of the most reliable and versatile former major leaguers we work with. Whether he is delivering an energizing keynote presentation to a business audience, speaking on faith to a spiritual crowd or signing autographs for and shaking hands with a crowd of baseball fans, Dale brings his “A” game and always exceeds our clients’ expectations.

Christopher D. Torgusen,
MLBPA, VP Marketing